Tuesday, May 8, 2007


This post will serve as a welcome to my blog. I had never thought I would create and maintain a blog, but recent discussions with friends, loved ones, and Syracuse University faculty prompted me to do otherwise. This blog will primarily contain essays, reviews, musings, and profiles about popular music and its artists. I can guarantee that I will never speak of my daily doings and undoings. I have yet to move to Syracuse to begin my studies at the Newhouse School of Public Communications, but I felt a need to begin this blog.

A word on the title of the blog. "What Is Groove?" This question has been in my mind for as long as music has held me captive, and I am no closer to finding the answer, which is exactly how I would prefer it. Unlike the man behind the curtain who powers the great Oz, the "man" behind groove will always be elusive. I can point to it and say, "That, right there, that is groove." For example, Billy Cox and Buddy Miles beneath Jimi Hendrix in "Machine Gun", John Fogerty's propulsive leads in "Green River", or Fred Wesley and Fred Thomas in the JBs' "Damn Right I Am Somebody." Although groove will forever be mysterious, it will be hovering over the posts in this blog, making it funky.

I hope this blog will be something I enjoy writing and you enjoy reading. I fare you bidwell, kind homies. Please leave comments if you are moved to do so.


Tk said...

I guess I'm the first! Good luck with your blog. I'm looking forward to reading some crazy things;) Maybe some baseball stuff from time to time??


Will said...

Seconded - but not about the Sox.

Anonymous said...

Lei tu articulo y me quedo la idea que si es verdad uno anda por ahi con una cara y por alla con otra, nos ponemos, nos cambiamos, nos sacamos los disfraces para ocultar nuestra vulnarabilidad frente a otros...muy profundo!
Buena suerte en tu blog...

Anonymous said...

all good stuff. I too hope to read some baseball stuff; maybe the relationship btw popular music and sports stadiums [ei: we will rock you, who let the dogs out? :S ] jajaja.