Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ray Charles - "Bein' Green"

This is my personal favorite musical performance on Sesame Street. Ray sings with conviction, emotion, and heart, taking a somewhat whimsical tune and making it a soul ballad. It's an incredible performance. The song may sound corny - especially if you're hearing Kermit sing it - but the movement from shame and self-doubt to pride and acceptance is truly touching. "Bein' Green" of course is a metaphor for feeling inferior, for being made fun of or discriminated against for whatever reason (race, disability, religion, social status, anything) and then realizing that you don't need another person's acceptance to feel good about yourself. You need your own. What better lesson for kids to learn than to love and be proud of who they are?

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street.


Samantha said...

E. I love this. Thank you so much!!! Your insight is perfectly expressed. My good, friend, you are such a writer. I even had to post this on my facebook. Hope my few friends enjoy the song and you as much I do.

Blogmakesmoney said...

I like your blog thanks